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How to earn money online for free?

Earn money online

Many of us have this question if it’s even possible to earn money online without any investment and risk. The answer is yes and I am going to describe one of my experiences.

I started researching about earning money online when I first got my internet connection. I was not ready to invest/spend a single rupee to avoid getting scammed and feel bad about it. At first, I found a website which stated that money will be credited for reading emails. This seemed so easy and I immediately signed up only to realize that it was not so easy even to get 1RS reading thousands of emails. I temporarily reserved the thought of earning money online.

How earning money online helped me for basic needs

After a few months, I had to pay a high bill for internet as the package changed which left me thinking if I should continue the connection or what can be done. Then the thought of earning money online came back into picture. I had a plan to earn money online to cover the internet connection cost and this followed a heavy research again.

There were plenty of sites which promised earning money online with a low investment and high returns. It did not feel right for me as I was not convinced because I was only looking for those who don’t require investment.

After long research on Earning money through internet

After a long research I found a website where it did not need any investment. It was simple and straightforward. I was ready to take the risk as it was free. Worst case scenario, I won’t get the money as promised. I went ahead and signed up to the website. All I had to do was answer a poll, use the search engine on the website, fill surveys and complete tasks.

It took a lot of time and patience to earn the points. Was I able to redeem the points to money? Yes. When I received the email that the payment is credited to my Paypal account, I felt a sense of success 😛 and when I saw the money in the bank, there were no boundaries to my happiness. 🙂 

Things to remember: When it is free, then you need to keep in mind that it needs a lot of patience, investment of time, an expectation that if it does not workout don’t get disappointed. 

There are different options to redeem the points such as Paypal, Amazon Gift cards, Flipkart Gift cards and so on. It varies from country to country, to check the rewards available, here’s the link.
If you would like to try or check it out, check the link below. Once you complete the signup using my link and if you have any questions, comment your username and question or DM me in on Facebook. 

Note: Open the link on a computer so I can get an update that you have signed up using my referral link.

Redeeming 500 Rs/- Flipkart Gift card and more earn money online tips, check this video.  

Here’s a screenshot of my withdrawals.

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