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Social Media Marketing Strategies for Clothing Brand.

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The clothing brand(Category in Instagram business) business has got more craze because of Social media platforms, where we can do free posting and affordable paid ads marketing in social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc.

Use social proof

Use social proof, 80% of businesses believe that online reviews play an important role in influencing consumer decision making and 65% of online consumers claim they are more likely to do business with a company after reading a positive review. So, share screenshots of your social proof on your social media platforms. Using Social proofing is the one good and effective strategy in the Clothing Brand

Run festival campaigns

Running festival is much effective for your cloth branding business, Run few ad campaigns in festival sessions which will not only help you in getting sales but also get a followers

Make Video trailers for a new Designer Clothes

video is the one the engaging piece in social media today. Video trailer is not only advantage to your showcase your product but also tune into details of your product. Make sure video quality is good and well edited so that people want to be part off. That’s what a branding is.

Quality Images is must in Clothing Brand

the product you post on social media will interact with the real users and they interact with your brand and buy your products and become your customers. To make that happen you have to post clean, understandable, and meaningful images on social media where real users interact with your brand.

To make your cloth product images look attractive, they are many products available online; they are link few links below are from Amazon which will help you to take quality pictures.

1. Reflector Backdrop Photo Light Studio Wrinkle Resistant Photography Background Curtain Cloth for Photo Shoot and Video Shooting.

2. Photography Stand Kit (9ft x 9ft) Background Support System

3. LED Ring Light for Camera, Phone, tiktok, YouTube Video Shooting and Makeup shooting

4.  Boya BYM1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone with 20ft Audio Cable (Black)

Note: Only if you are adding voice in the video like explaining about the product.

5. Lighting Backgrounds.

6. Balloons on ground.

7. Decorative 3d adhesive Background.

8. Backdrop background for Small Products, Jewelry, Cosmetics etc.

Quick link to buy above mentioned products in Amazon.

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