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Inner voice of girl !

Inner Voice of girl

You will be sad to know why did i named title as “Inner voice of girl”
Here is my story!

When we closely look at the statistics, 89% of Indians are stressed and mental health indices reveal that anxiety, psychological distress are 2-3 times more common in women than men and where do you think its starting at? It’s no where but family , home. Worrisome right?  In an era where women making remarkable contributions, it’s sad to see that we are still stuck at passing nasty comments, false allegations what not? I totally understand your roots, upbringing culture and traditions. Considering the fact that we are no more in that generation where women are subjected to violence, untouchability and discrimination. I wish we had a better approach and perception towards the girls of present generation.

Judging be like: (First inner voice of girl)

Just saying eh! Every woman wants her daughter or son to look beautiful, dress well but can’t digest when a neighbour’s child is doing the same. When your child is doing it, its absolutely fine, progressive and “posh” if I have to use your dictionary, but absolutely classless, shameless when others are doing it. I’ll have to laugh my heart out at your logic!!! I sincerely request you to stop body shaming, discrimination based on colour, height, weight, lifestyle practices. Understand not all of us are same and we don’t come from same background. Its high time we need to stop poking our noses in every other matter which isnt our business. We already had a lot to deal with in our day- to – day life and please think if external matters are really your priority.

It’s complicated:

I’m sorry I don’t know if I can say this… Im really don’t want to meet or talk with anyone of my family. My mind is willing to escape lead my life peacefully. Why am I in a situation where I have to frame up and come prepared to answer to all your unnecessary questions? Why do I have to make myself mentally and emotionally strong to take in all the lewd comments you pass? Imagine, I’m not willing to face my own relatives! Where have we reached up to?  Remember, our lives becomes peaceful and happier only when we stop involving unnecessarily in other’s lives. Life is short and we never know what are we up to next moment. Let’s breath and live in this moment. Last but not least. LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE!

Disclaimer: In the post "Inner voice of the girl" the views and opinions expressed below are subjective, not to hurt intentionally and don't reflect anyone. To all my family members, relatives friends and acquaintances, I would like to speak out something that's very sensitive and could be offensive to most of you. But today, I need to voice out and take stand for myself. I'm not ready to stuff in and take hatred anymore because I don't deserve this!

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