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Story of a failed Youtuber

Story of a failed YouTuber

Today I’ve come up with another post about my failing journey on YouTube 😀 (Story of a failed YouTuber)
Brace yourselves because this is going to give you mixed feelings or no feelings at all. If there’s no effect then no need to brace yourself 😛 

As a Failed Youtuber How it all started:

After a small incident(details in another post soon), I began to search for ways to earn money online aggressively. I found out about YouTube as one of the ways to earn money online. I felt that it does not require much effort and is a genuine/trustable way to earn money online. Created a channel immediately without thinking twice and any planning which was a huge mistake. 

The first set back:

I was under the impression that it’s easy and all I have to do was upload the videos > voila $$$. With no planning on what to post and only focus on earning money, I have uploaded my first video. Anyone who understands YouTube or who has a YouTube channel can predict the outcome if there’s no planning or effort in uploading a video. If your guess was that the video did not have any views/did not perform, you are correct. Total disaster.Note: In odd cases, random videos go viral and get millions of views :\ 

Monkey inside me :P:

Disappointed with the number of views, the monkey inside me awakened and I refreshed the video 300 times. Yes, you read it right, 300 times. After completing the tiring task 😛 , I took a break, and when I returned, the video was gone and made has a failed YouTuber :\

Did not learn any lessons from the mistake:

In spite of the low/zero performance and getting the video deleted, I still did not make a plan or learn anything from it -_- , I started uploading videos of gameplay. Holding the phone in one hand to record the gameplay and playing the game with another hand. Honestly, it was horrible. However, it did not matter to me as I was still under the impression that all I had to do was upload videos and I will get money through the monetized videos. 

The realization: 

When I started the YouTube channel, there was no policy to have 4000 watch time hours over the last 12 months and 1000 Subscribers to be eligible for monetization. Videos continued to have fewer views. I did not reach the payout threshold to cash out the amount. One of my videos started performing well and I was very optimistic that I will reach the threshold. Guess what, fate had something else written for me :\ The monetization policy was updated and it required 4000 watch time hours over the last 12 months and 1000 subscribers to be eligible for it. At the same time, videos that were performing well suddenly started dropping views drastically. After a year, I started putting some effort into editing videos and checked out how content is important along with planning. 

No change:

My first priority was to reach 1000 Subscribers. Tried various things which I never tried before. Took phones from my friends, got them subscribed to my channel, and posted them on various social media platforms. The increase in subscribers was very less but I had put a lot of effort. Many of my friends tried to get me more subscribers and encouraged me while few ignored. That’s fine 😉

The subscriber count still stands at 465 after 6 years(might drop down by the time you see this post 🙁 ). I had put a lot of effort and time into making the videos. I think the reason for not being successful is that there was no plan or clarity. It was too late by the time I realized it and the channel reach is already dead. and this is the story of a failed YouTuber

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