What GVK can tell us about good memories with GTA vice city…. Part-1

Childhood memories with GTA vice city

If you ever played games on your computer or a gaming console, GTA vice city is a game you must have come across for sure or might have got addicted to it (GTA vice city) like me. 😛 

As always, let me go back to my childhood days when I first heard about it. Back in the 2000’s, just like the internet, not everyone could play games on computer or gaming consoles as they were not easily available. Even if they were available, we need to clear a huge obstacle i.e, get permission at home> borrow some money to pay it at the gaming center/game cafe or whatever it is 😉 

Hearing the term GTA vice city for the first time:

I first heard about GTA from my school friends who used to play it and discuss on how great it was. For me, the term GTA was weird as I was only aware of two games which were Mortal Kombat and WWF/WWE. I did not pay much attention as I was mostly interested in fighting genre games like Mortal kombat and WWF. Time passed and the next time I heard about GTA was when I was in Intermediate. The year was 2008 when Grand Theft Auto 4 was released. However, GTA San Andreas was still very much popular and was still being played with the same intensity as when it was released.
My friends used to discuss the missions and the funny moments in the game. I was amazed and surprised knowing that there is so much which can be done in one game. I could not believe them as I had a very little exposure in the games. The only games I could play were Nokia snakes III, Space Impact, Nokia Bounce game. I used to play Mortal Kombat once in a year or once in 2 years -_-

First hands on experience on GTA vice city game (YAAY!!):

The first time I ever had an opportunity to play GTA was on a relatives computer. GTA 3 was installed on the PC and I had a lot of trouble playing it for the first time. I loved playing it. However, I am only used to smash the buttons randomly on Mortal Kombat. It took some time to understand how to use the key bindings. By the time, I understood, we had to leave(go home)

And the gaming begins

GTA has not gotten out of my mind ever since I played it. At last, a couple of years later, I downloaded the game after getting a PC. It was awesome and I used to spend hours and hours playing the game. Instead of completing the missions, I used to do free roaming blowing up things and getting chased by others.

{to be continued}

Let me know your best childhood memories with GTA VICE City/GTA in the comments
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